BODY PUMP Set to GREAT and INSPIRING music, this barbell class challenges every muscle in the body! BODY PUMP will deliver the results you came for – and fast! PLEASE ARRIVE 15 MINUTES EARLY. Note: This class requires signing up for 24 hours or less in advance.

BODY COMBAT Punch and kick your way to fitness, burning up to 700 calories along the way! This high energy martial arts inspired workout is non-contact and there is no equipment. Release stress, have a blast and feel like a champ!


BARRE Inspired by ballet, yoga and Pilates, this class focuses on balance, core and strength. Improve posture, muscle definition, flexibility and energy! 


CXWORX The 30 minute revolutionary CORE training program! Focusing on abs, glutes and back. Hard core! Get the abs you always wanted…


SPINNING Set to inspiring music, burn hundreds of calories during the ride of your life on a stationary bicycle. Note: This class requires signing up for 24 hours or less in advance.

POWER CIRCUIT Circuit training is one of the best ways to train the metabolism to work better, faster and more efficiently. Work up a sweat and tone your muscles as you work your way through a series of exercises, alternating between strength and cardio. Total body fitness!

CARDIO KICKBOXING (moderate to challenging intensity)
Intense fat- burning workout that will tone, define and strengthen your muscles using a variety of punches, kicks, strikes and blocks!


ZUMBA Dance your way into fitness in this super fun cardio workout that will coming back for more!


YOGA Yoga poses promote flexibility, strength and calmness. Relieve tension and emotional resistance. Enhance breath, immune system and stability. VINYASA - The alignment of movement and breath in a continuous flow.


FOREVER FIT A moderate, total workout for any age! Easy to follow aerobics, light strength training, flexibility and balance



(Moderate-hard intensity) Burn those calories and have a blast getting fit in this easy to follow dance class.


PILATES Enhance postural stability, coordination, core strength, balance and flexibility. This is a mat class.


(mild to moderate intensity) 
All the fun aqua offers while combining aerobic conditioning with deep core training throughout the workout.

AQUA FIT Fitness in the water! Get your heart rate up and tone your body with a safe and energetic workout using the power of water.


VINYASA YOGA The alignment of movement and breath in a continuous flow.

YOGA BARRE Balance, stability, core strength – total body toning!








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