Massage & Treatments

Taos Spa & Tennis Club offers a menu of massage therapies and treatments ranging from deep tissue sports massage to luxurious treatments incorporating exotic aromas, water heated stones and deeply relaxing techniques.
Free use of the facility on the day of your massage...

Taos Mountain Bliss

50 or 80 Minutes

Desert Mists

50 or 80 minutes

Relax and feel the stress melt from your body with our Swedish Massage. This firm yet soothing massage will drain your tensions away as you experience the full effect of therapeutic touch. We will restore you to a state of well-being, Taos style.                                  


50 minute treatment - $75  

80 minute treatment - $95

Enjoy the sensual bliss and emotional boost of our custom Aromatherapy. Our essential oils are derived from aromatic herbs, flowers, woods and roots, specially chosen for their ability to promote relaxation and improve circulation.


50 minute treatment - $85 

80 minute treatment - $105

Deep Tissue Massage

50 or 80 Minutes

For those times when you want serious relief from muscle tension or stress, our deep tissue massage is the answer. Great for addressing areas of habitual stress, or muscle groups suffering from overwork or injury. This focused, intense massage will bring deep relaxation.                        

50 minute treatment - $85  

80 minute treatment - $105

Foot Reflexology


Rosa Mosqueta Spa Facial

Foot Reflexology Treatment and 50 minute massage (80 min treatment)
Let the ancient science of acupressure unblock channels of energy throughout your whole body. Our foot reflexology massage will make you feel like you are walking on water.                                      


50 minute massage (80 min treatment) - $115

Renew your skin with our natural and organic Rosa Mosqueta Spa Facial. Steaming hot towels, followed by cleansing and a gentle exfoliating scrub, green tea and green clay mask, toner and rejuvenating moisturizer, will leave your skin radiant and glowing.                                 



50 minute massage (80 min treatment) - $120

Canyon Stone


Feel the deep penetrating heat of these black river stones as they release stress and tension and encourage the flow of blocked energy. Our Canyon Stones massage combines warm oil, aromatherapy, water warmed stones and a full body massage. You will experience pure nirvana and be restored to a natural state of bliss.

80 minute treatment - $125

High Desert Mystique


High Desert Mystique 80 minute massage
Our signature High Desert Mystique transports you on a relaxing Journey that combines a full body massage with desert elements of warmed ancient river stones, desert scented mists and a “sole” satisfying acupressure foot treatment.


80 minute treatment- $135